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Chip Wins USA Best Book Award!

CLICK HERE to read all
the winners and finalists!

Chip Off The Ice Block Murder won the LGBTQ Fiction Category at the USA Best Book Awards. OMG! I feel gobsmacked by this news!

My previous two mysteries (Pickle in the Middle Murder and Hide and Snake Murder) were finalists!

I'm particularly thrilled to have my books be finalists in this category with Radclyffe, Gerry Parani, and JM Redmann & Greg Herren!

Chip is a Rainbow Award Finalist!

After already receiving an Honourable Mention, I just got word that Chip Off the Ice Block Murder is now a finalist in the Rainbow Awards for Best Mystery! Yahoo!

It's tough competition. There are ten other amazing novels in the running, so I'm in terrific company. CLICK HERE if you want to check out the finalists in all the categories.

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Book 4 in the Shay O'Hanlon Series is here!

Chip Off the Ice Block Murder came out May 8th. Click on Events (above in the menu bar) to see the schedule of events surrounding the new book!

Click on the links below to read other great reviews of the new book!

Mary Ann Grossman at the Pioneer Press

C-Spot Reviews

Mysterious Reviews

Sweet Little Pretties

Lavender Magazine

Operation Stop Hate
I'm writing a new book called Operation Stop Hate, which is a standalone outside the Shay O'Hanlon series. Stay tuned for more information about this new endeavor!
Three Interviews
Check out the YouTube in-person interview I did with Diana Belchase, the interview at The Liz McMullen Show, and the audio interview in Lizzie's Bedtime Stories where I do some readings from my books and stories.
New Notices for Pickle in the Middle Murder!
First, here's some coverage at ABC newspapers:
Then here's a piece about Rocky and Tulip's Wedding!
Two Fun Links (with Fives in Them)!!
Check out the two links below:
at Joel Arnold's Beneath The Trap Door Blog
at Crimespree magazine
Praise & Reviews for Book #3

Publishers Weekly gave Pickle in the Middle Murder an excellent recommendation:

In Chandler's thrilling third Shay O'Hanlon caper (after 2012's Hide and Snake Murder), the Rabbit Hole cafe owner and her girlfriend, Minneapolis police officer JT Bordeaux, are enjoying the Minnesota Renaissance Festival when Shay feels the urge to run to the Porta Potties (aka "privies"). When Shay opens an outhouse door, a dead man with a pickle sticking out of his mouth and the back of his head missing topples off the pot. Her call to 911 brings the police, but where's JT? When she finally appears, disheveled and splattered with pickle fragments, gruff Det. Clint Roberts arrests her for murder. Chandler keeps the suspense high as flustered Shay and spunky Eddy Quartermaine, Shay's mom stand-in, seek to prove JT's innocence -- and learn a few surprises about her past along the way.

And a nice review from Lavender Magazine as well:

A Renaissance Fair treat turns to murder, murder most foul, committed in a Porta privy. Worse yet, [Shay's] lover, officer JT Bordeaux, is charged with the killing. The usual gang rallies round to find the real killer-friends Coop and Eddy, hounds Dawg and Bogey-but the atmosphere in Chandler's third caper is darker and more intense. Corpse Russell Krasski was a child trafficker with an unsettling connection to JT, and while sleuthing, Shay finds evidence that questions JT's fidelity. Mainstay Rocky drops a bombshell -- he is to wed his love Tulip -- but that knot is not tied in this installment. Now, with marriage available to all Minnesotans, what might we expect for volume four? Something tasty, no doubt, topped with a pickle -- and relish.

CLICK HERE to read a summer round-up of Fair-related books, including ones from my pals Jess Lourey and Pete Hautman and for several other Minnesota books.

Great Press!

CLICK HERE to see an article on page 2 of the March 2013 "Mug Shots" part of the Clues newsletter from the Mystery Writers of America Midwest:

How does Jessie Chandler write?
Under pressure and with an eye
toward making people laugh

and gave Bingo Barge Murder a great mention regarding the most unusual ways for a character to be offed:



Howlingly Good Article from Fozzy Bear!

Click on the doggie to see the article that Fozzy Bear wrote!

Woo Hoo! First blurb for Pickle in the Middle Murder

I'm so excited to receive the first recommendation for the next novel, which will be out in a few months. Here's what amazing author Catriona McPherson has to say about it:

"Pickle in the Middle Murder - Shay O'Hanlon's third outing - has all the beloved characters from the first two capers: sweet Coop, tough old broad Eddy, adorable Rocky and, best of all, this time we find out what's behind JT's air of enigma. There is some dark stuff here as well as the jokes, chases and knock-about, but that only makes us root even more for these wonderful characters. If you only read one Twin Cities pickle-based murder mystery this year, make it Jessie Chandler's. Oh, and the dogs - Dawg and Bogey - only just manage not to steal the whole show. Great fun with a big heart: I loved it."
Three Great Reviews for Hide and Snake Murder

to read the one at Rainbow Book Reviews.

CLICK HERE to read the one at Lambda Literary Review.

CLICK HERE to read the one at The Mystery Reader Review.

New!! Photos from the Con

I finally got my errant webmistress to post pictures from the GCLS conference.

CLICK HERE to see the pix!

CLICK HERE to see recent appearance photos!

Advance Praise for Hide and Snake Murder

"Jessie Chandler doesn't just write twists in this novel, she writes twists within twists. Scaly thugs, venomous crime bosses, and the mingled scents of jasmine and gunsmoke constrict tighter and tighter around tenacious Shay as she follows the mystery to its surprising conclusion. Hide and Snake Murder is a unique story of zany friendship, tentative romance, and the deadly face of today's underworld." ~Elizabeth Sims, author of The Rita Farmer Mysteries and The Lillian Byrd Crime Series

"After reading her novels, I've come to believe Jessie Chandler is the illegitimate child of Dorothy Parker and Raymond Chandler. She's funny - and she's good!" ~Lori L. Lake, author of The Gun Series and The Public Eye Series

"Wild and wacky Hide and Snake Murder will keep readers guessing all the way to a slam bang finale." ~Carolyn Hart, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity award-winning author of over three dozen mystery and suspense novels

"Jessie Chandler makes me laugh. A talented storyteller with a deft hand at pacing, she writes rollicking, raucous adventures that are sure to entertain." ~Julie Hyzy, bestselling author of the Manor House Mysteries and White House Chef Mystery series

"Hide and Snake Murder takes us to the beginning and end of the Mississippi, New Orleans and Minneapolis, capturing the quirky charm of both cities. It's a rollicking read with an entertaining cast of funny and fascinating characters. You won't be able to turn the pages fast enough." ~J.M. Redmann, author of the Goldie award-winning book Water Mark, a Micky Knight Mystery.

New Feature Article about Yours Truly

There's a feature article at ABC Newspapers about my book and me! Woooweeeee.....go and see! CLICK HERE

Mary Ann Grossman at the Pioneer Press approves!

"Shay O'Hanlon is Minnesota's newest sleuth, and her adventures will make great summer reading... As with all satisfying mystery series, Chandler gives readers an appealing cast of core characters who will give her material for future books." More here: Pioneer Press, Entertainment Section, May 15, 2011

Recent Photos


Never say I won't take you up on a dare! A fellow author dared me to have the face painter do me up with her first gunshot wound. She made it look surprisingly fetching! This was at the Brooklyn Park Carousel Craft Show.

Me with Midnight Inkers Jess Lourey (center) and my editor Terri Bischoff (r) as they attempt to help me down some of the most horrifying and disgusting tequila

Left to right: Me, Darrell James, Kathleen Ernst, Jess Lourey, Terri Bischoff, and Steven Pomije --- The DEATH BY KILLER BOWLING BALL Team!

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Betty (R) and me standing next to the Once Upon A Crime Mystery Bookstore PT Cruiser


Legendary Editor and Author
Katherine V. Forrest (L) with me (R)


Author Ellen Hart,
me, my wife Betty
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WOO HOO!!! Here's the cover for book four in the Shay O'Hanlon Caper series, Chip Off the Ice Block Murder, which was released May 8, 2014.

Yahoo!! Here's the cover for book three in the Shay O'Hanlon Caper series, Pickle in the Middle Murder!

Below is the cover for book two in the Shay O'Hanlon Caper series, Hide and Snake Murder!
Click on the BOOKS link above to get the summary of the story.

Hide and Snake Murder is available from as a print book or as an eBook!

It's also available in paperback to order from:

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Here's the cover for my first book, Bingo Barge Murder: A Shay O'Hanlon Caper. Click on the BOOKS link above to get the summary of the story!


Bingo Barge Murder is available from Bella Books in print and as an eBook as of late April 2014.

Also from as a print book or as an eBook.!

It's also available in paperback to order from:

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